Monday, June 16, 2008

civil duty

so on ebay someone has this listed. NWT. size 12 in case anyone out there wants the cutest suit ever... and wants a "dress" look. i'm telling you .. you will thank me.. it beats the heck out of a tankini skirt thing with the top meeting the bottom right at the waist. horizontal lines are not good... even if is just a top meeting the bottom.


Jules said...

soo funny! I was just looking at this today b/c I have an odd sized lilly that is NWT that I need to get on ebay to sell friend bought it (she works at a Lilly store), it was too big, gave it to me to give to my Mom and it was too big for i am selling it. Sz 14

Traci Anne said...

That's so darn cute, and even though I can't wear a two-piece and should be getting a one-piece or tankini... I just can't imagine that this'll do flattering things for my lady bits.

Little Bow Prep said...

I started reading blogs today and came across your blog. I definitely choose seersucker! Your blog is so cute. I really like the picture you have at the top of your blog.

And, of course, Lilly is amazing. Unfortunately, it's not my size