Wednesday, March 19, 2008

been up to this.


been awhile.

i went to idaho for my birthday. it has been 13 years since my twin sister and i have been together for our birthday. wow. 13 years. go to her blog and read all about it. :-)

later taters

i will come back, i promise. right now, it has been just overwhelming.

j :-)


lisagh said...

Have missed you... take as long as you need, I'll still be checking in :)

hot potato said...

you blogged! what in the world has come over you? you must be on spring break or something!

i want to see pictures of the spring cleaning. have a great rest of the week-off.

TCP said...

Good to hear from you! Happy belated birthday, too. :)

Lorilu said...

I CANNOT believe I missed all of that excitement and surprise that went on here! Sorry to have missed you. Next time can you check MY schedule first?;)

susan said...

So good to hear from you - I've missed your writing and adorable stories about the girls!