Tuesday, November 27, 2007

christmas cards

so i am lucky to know some really great ladies who design their world... so to speak. i have been busy teaching. i love it. i tell you... it is true. design is still a part of me. but i know one thing. i hate the whole money part of it. sounds silly huh? women get mad at me sometimes. accounts do not pay. really it can drain your creativity. but.. when i talk to my girls in the industry, sometimes it boosts me back up. like a second, third ... fourth.. wind. :-)

i have told you about this lady before. caroline. she has a line called multiple blessings. she has four beautiful children. and she has a great way in her greeting card line of infusing Christ into everything she does. And if you are anything like me, who sometimes tire of a Christmas message out there that does not include.. or forgets the true meaning of Christmas... then her cards will lift your spirit.

i tend to gravitate toward her pink and green designs. i am on safari, not firefox, so i can not directly link her. but if you punch her name: multipleblessings.net into google, it will take you right there.

she has taught me patients over the last 2 or 3 years that i have known her. baby steps have lead her to some great success. my personality is "big step" kind of girl... and she is so sure and so steady in my eyes.

anywho. above are some of my favorite photo cards. and remember, when you open each card, there is a Bible reference that ties the Holiday "hooplah" with the simple message of Christ. all original designs of caroline. color is vibrant and so beautiful.

see you.


MultipleBlessings said...

Touched...I am so touched! Many thanks dear freind!

Julie said...

Yes, Caroline is a blessing and her products are a joy. I feel so blessed to have met Caroline a number of years ago and crossed pathes with her a year or so ago.One of the sweet umexpected rewards of having your own business are the wonderful people that we meet.
Smiles and hugs... julie