Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the longest list ever


i have been bad about writing .. i know. this week the list of things to get done keeps growing.

i came home from maine.. as you know.. that was this past saturday. i started my new teaching job on this past monday. new york orders came in on well as all the boxes from Market. i have 65 new photos i need to painfully photoshop by september first for the spring 1 collection. ... the list goes on.

i hope i do not sound like i am complaining.. b/c that is not my heart. i just have not seen the light of day in a few days...

i had to prepare for a trunk show at a university.. and send that box off to a rep.. and i am having a trunk show here locally tomorrow night. .. oh and on monday ..vogue called. apparently preppy is back... so i sent some belts up there.

who knew preppy was back? anyone?




hqm said... Lord, you must be flying!
For as long as I have been reading you seem to be able to balance it all and you seem to be surrounded by supportive people! exciting...and did Preppy ever really go away?

Preppy Wedding said...

When was preppy ever out :)

sle said...

Congrats on Vogue!

workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

Vogue? Did you say Vogue? Big time!