Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hi strangers


i know i have not been good at getting over here. life has a funny way of never slowing down long enough for me to stop in and say hi.

once i get my hands on my new job i will be able to pop in more often.

delivery is happening on market orders, and my line sheet for Spring 2008 is due in my PR people's hands in 2 days. open house for my parents happens in 2 days too. needless to say i am over the moon excited about my little 3rd graders. they are the most adorable and chaotic group.. but it is fun. hands on hands on.. i never ever sit at my desk. the day flies.

just went to madison's open house tonight as "a mom".. and now i am off to bed.


ps.. lilly got her 5 year old shots today.. her daddy came and picked her up from school before lunch to take her.. she "knew" she might get a shot.. i believe in preparing my children for situations.. but not stressing them out.. so no, i did not tell her she would get one.. i told her it was a possiblity.. and told her madison got a shot at 5 years old too. anyway.. 4 shots later.. and one lunch date with daddy.. she was back as school in time for Spanish class. :-)

just another day .. :-)

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Lorilu said...

Yes-I took my son in a few weeks ago for his...it was terrible to hear him cry that way-it's a comletely different sound. Took me back to when he was tiny and got the rest of them. But as soon as the nurse was done he was better. He limped on BOTH legs for a few minutes, it was funny! He wouldn't take the band-aids off for 3 days! Hey-whatever works! He talked about the experiece for about a week. Glad that's over!