Saturday, July 07, 2007

while in ny

while in new york. we found yet another designer showcase in soho. it was some random gym. but some of the goods were so fantastic. besides buying items at the american girl store for my little ones, the only purchase i made was from this company. ... they had a little table at this random craft show.

literally, it seems as though it would not be me.. i mean.. spiders.. and snakes.. but i was really drawn to the initial pendants and the wishbone pendant. in fact, i think i might go through their site and buy the wishbone pendant and pair it with the navy leather cord. the website does not do the items justice.. most of this stuff is actually molded and casted from their own designs.. i love that... i really like the
leaf with the diamond pendant too. trust me this stuff is beautiful in person. reminds me of something jennifer aniston might pick up.
here is the site. elma blint

i bought this necklace below.. but with an "M". i thought it was a really nice modern monogram. clean and simple.

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