Tuesday, July 10, 2007

what to do....

i have been trying to figure out how to "decorate" my booth for accessories the show in new york (august 5-7). i have no expectations for this show. i have been doing this long enough to know that some shows you rock and others you are not even picked for the third string team.

i really contemplated not doing this... but here i go..again...hoping for some good business.

these things are expensive. i know it is a business, but unless you have a rich uncle, sometimes these events can really set you back if you do not have a good show. to break even you have to do double of what you put into it. you really are not making money unless you do 3X what you put into it.


so here are the bones of the booth: the javits center provides you with some sort of tan/brown wall that you can not touch. i have a 10 by 10 booth..so i have three walls of this tan. the carpet is grey. the table is lined with a black drape and a white vinal top. doesn't this sound so pretty?
so basically you have to "purchase" walls, hide the floor with a rug of sorts, and "rent shelves". ok.. tack that onto the bill.

i own brown solid drapes with brown grosgrain ribbon bows i had made for one show i did in atlanta. i like them enough. they are lined and well made. i am thinking about draping them on the two side walls.

i am then thinking about purchasing a hard core wall in a neutral color for the back wall, and ordering some modern decal from this company. the long table will be pushed up against the back wall, i will need to cover the table linens with something else.. and my sign will hang on the back wall as well.

shelves will line the two side walls. looking at either white or maple color shelves.


instead of buying heabdand display cases, i am wrapping a full paper towel roll with fabric and tying the ends like a candy wrapper.. cheap. but cute. and different. i will make three of these and place on walls with belts.


i have purchased some green and pink flowers in which i will do some arrangements for a pop of color. i also purchased (via michaels) martha stewarts pom pom flowers (made from tissue paper) and hopefully will hang from ceiling in booth somehow.

i also thought i would make a modern looking flowers out of styrofoam and ribbon. i will make 3-4 of these in various sizes.. i will stick a dowl (sp) in the bottom of each flower and put in pots of sorts. i think these will go on the floor or on the back table... not sure.

below is a rough idea of the ribbon flower i am speaking of.

it is pretty big.. but not HUGE.

i need to make more... but it is a litte time consuming. i thought i would put them in my daughter's bedroom when the show is over.


ok long post.


thoughts ideas anyone live in new york and want to tell me a cheap place to purchase shelves?

ikea is in new jersey..


workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

jen, you ought to let me make a smalltable cloth for you with preppy potato monogrammed...look at an older post...there is a blue/turqoise one. i actually already have the giraffe fabric cut out..cute, cute with pink ric rac..i'll do and add to my credit:)let me know...angie

sas said...

A friend of mine made those flowers, but they were topiaries. She covered a styrofoam ball with different ribbons in a certain color scheme, then she painted a dowl rod white, attached it, and put in a pot. THEY ARE ADORABLE and I hope to make one soon!

hqm said...

That all sounds so exciting to me! I can understand the pressure to be fresh, original and eye catching! Can't wait to see what you come up with...I am sure it will be great!

Southern Sugar said...

i think all of your ideas sound great. i think just fabric with some pom pom trim on the table would be pretty. and cheap but cute shutters with s hooks is always a good way to display belts. you could also do topiaries with those grosgrain flowers if you put them on the styrofoam ball and cover the stick in green ribbon. i just love those martha stewart "poufs". i spent about 10 minutes in michael's trying to get my 14 yr. old to hang them in her room. she is still not interested.good luck at the show. show us pics of your booth i know it will be adorable. oh and that cute blog the preppywedding.blogspot.com has a cute website from a couple months back with little wall sticker monograms and things that are cute too.

P in VT said...

Wow... I have no ideas for you but GOOD LUCK. I'm sure you'll do it perfectly!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

In reference to the following statement from your blog:
"i also purchased (via michaels) martha stewarts pom pom flowers (made from tissue paper) and hopefully will hang from ceiling in booth somehow."

You could get a heavy, clear fishing line and attach nails or tacks to the top of one wall and then string in across to the other facing it and then hang the flowers from that. With attaching them to the tops of the walls you wouldn't see the nails/tacks and you wouldn't really notice the line b/c it is clear.
I like southern sugar's suggestion for the topiaries made of ribbons on the table. I have a picture somewhere that I saved from someones booth that was cute. If I find them I will email them to you. Good luck at your show.

SnappyCasualGifts said...

For the floor, what about a cute painted drop cloth?

Preppy Rider said...

Adorable - please take pictures of the booth, we would love to see the finished product!

Best of Luck!

workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

check out what i made. in the mail monday.