Tuesday, June 19, 2007


wristlets. more colors coming. right now it is:

1. renner fabric (pink and white check) stripe ribbon accent. any icon or monogram
2. madeline (black and white floral) black ribbon accent. any icon or monogram
3. solid black. any icon or monogram


not shown ( but available)

1. solid brown with solid fushia accent. any icon or monogram
2. carmen (red and white wallpaper fabric). black accent. any icon or monogram
3. brown and white wallpaper fabric (like carmen, but brown). light blue and brown stripe ribbon accent. any icon or monogram available.

just some options with the renner fabric. my favorite is the navy icons. i think it would look great with kelly green as well... or even in yellow.

kind of roomy inside. pictured here with keys, sunglasses, lip gloss, pouch of more lip gloss. in reality the sunglasses would go on my head, and the cell phone would be in the bag. but i was talking on the phone when i took this picture.

here is the madeline fabric.

solid black with white heart. i love hearts.

this is a quick bag to make, so my manufacture is on board, unlike the way he kicked his heels in with the clutch. he hates doing that. and was horrible about delivery. but this little number.. i will cross my fingers.

not sure the retail price yet. thinking about putting it on sale for $33.00 as a daily deal for now. price includes monogram or icon.


J said...

Wow! Those are so cute Jen! I love the madeline fabric. Let us know when they go on sale :)

P in VT said...

Wow Jen! I LOVE them!!!! And it looks like you've come up with a tag...?

jennifer m. said...

j: they are all sale. the other three styles wil go on sale tomorrow. see daily deals for them.

p in vt: how are you ?. i tagged them b/c they are shipping off to NY and the Shecky's show. but yes.. new labels and new hang tags are being developed... and new little stickers for cars.. something cute.. not cheessssyyy.

Mrs. P said...

Yeah!!! I can use my GC now!!!

Lisagh said...

can't wait can't wait can't wait!

jennifer m. said...

yes.. mrs p... i thought of you when these came in.. :-)

workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

glad your manufacturer is on board...very cute! best wishes for success!

Marie said...

ummm I LOVE them!!!! please let me know when you are selling them!

poppy said...

so cute!