Sunday, June 17, 2007


i am still working on getting to the bottom of this issue related to my website. the short of it is that someone took it and linked it to their website... actually they are using it as part of their name.. and it is not a nice website. anyway... it freaked me out.. and maybe it comes with the terf.

been busy getting lot of things done in the studio and in my new classroom this past week.

i will post a photo of a new product tomorrrow when i get a chance.

thanks for all those who emailed me privately and who voiced concerns online here... most did it privately.

good night.


Elizabeth H. said...

Welcome back!!!!

Lisagh said...

I missed you - I hope you get this mess sorted out.

sle said...

Glad to have you back! Good luck with your site problem.

STARFISH001 said...

You have been missed much!!!!! Can't wait for your return AND to catch more peeks at the fun products to come!!!!!! :)
Please come back soon!!!!