Wednesday, May 23, 2007

School. The Countdown.

These last few weeks I have been really busy being mom. It seems as though the last week or two there is sooo much to do with my children's school. Just this week, I have been at my oldest's school 2 days.. and it is just Wednesday now.

We had a promotion ceremony today... followed by a pool party. Tomorrow is a special "camp themed" day where her teachers have planned all these fun activities.. and Friday is field day.. and the last day of school.

I literally have them in their beds right now... b/c all this activity is making them so sleepy. I want them to sleep.. but we will see if that happens.


Fall II Portfolio is due June 1. It is coming together. Not all the designs are here in the studio to photograph yet.. hopefully by tomorrow.. I can start taking images and photo-shopping those for my line sheets. New postcard designs.. have to be designed today.. new business cards have been ordered.. and i am "shopping" for an inexpensive place to order catalogs to design those as well... so we will see if that gets done.


I should clean.. but my cleaning lady is coming tomorrow.. and I am not one of those that "cleans" before.. I pick up.. but cleaning right now.. seems unatractive to me. :-)


I could fall asleep right now I am so tired. Last Friday, my husband, took the girls to see a movie.. and I sat down to do some work.. and fell asleep as I was typing.. woke up in a snap.. 2 hours later.. totally unaware of where I was... it was soo wierd.


If any of you live in or near New York... we will be involved in the Shecky's event. June 26-30th.. so mark your calanders and come out and see me. I will be there on the weekend.. as I have someone working the first 2 nights for me.


later taters.



ADN said...

i have been so tired too these last couple of weeks. we still go to school until next friday. can u imagine going after memorial day? it is hard to be the best mom u can be and try to do everything else this time of year. we have two vacs planned for july...

hot potato said...

you know what they say, "if you want something done, ask someone who is busy". it shouldn't surprise you that i have my own spin on it, "if you want something done well and still be guaranteed clean sheets, back rubs, and dessert...ask a busy mom!"