Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Refund. Thank you.

Just had to pop in here and tell you how excited I am that the tax man delivered our refund to us. :-). What a nice nice day it is today.

Also found out I was accepted to Accessories the Show in NY today. It will be in August. Let the planning begin.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your good news today! Will this be your first market?

hot potato said...

what a very nice day it turned out to be for you! it's the only day you can throw the word "taxes" and "nice day" around together. congrats.

sle said...

Yippee for a REFUND! Spend it well.
On a side note, happy to hear you are coming to the Shopping Spree!

jennifer m. said...

hi julie.
this will not be my first "market" but my first trip to a New York market. i have been doing "market" for at least three years... and have always stayed in the south.. well.. b/c i am a mom.. and i need to stay close to home. :-)

but i have hired a new rep.. and she will be working the event for me...

i hope it is good. i think it will be . give the northern stores an opportnity to see this girl's stuff. :-)

looking forward to Spree. this event i will be working at. i do the ones i can.. the ones i can not .. i hire out.