Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Feet Are Super Happy.

I finally ordered a pair. I got my little package the other day. My colors? Nephrite with white whipstitch and monogram.


I am diggin them.


ed's girl said...

i got mine over 4 yrs ago when i moved back home and I still love them! Never had any buyers remorse either. They are navy w/ white and still one of my favorite pairs--i think they were worth the $ although i am sure ed would disagree :| Yeah for Happy Feet!

Mrs. P said...

I am so happy you like them! Did you get them in time to wear them for the photo?

onehotpotato said...

i got some 2 years ago when i visited ed's girl in florida. mine are creme with gold trim. that was one purchase i had every intention of paying full price for. i never have regretted it.

Lisagh said...

Yay! Wecome to the club ;)