Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Behind the Scenes.

Kassie, the mind behind, will be featured in an editorial layout in the June edition of Lucky Magazine.. called "Hair Diaries". During the photo shoot she brought along our headbands she sells on her website.. and in her catalog. The editors like the headbands enough to feature one...

The background in how I met Kassie.. and how we ended up in the catalog in the first place... Well.. there is a website.. and community of women at It is a community of great women... I was online looking at all the women's profiles.. and I came across Kassie's. Since her catalog deals with shoes... I thought I would email her .. and introduce myself.. but more specifically tell her about my friend who desgins shoes... it really wasn't about me.. but she then wanted me to send up some belts.. and then this past season.. headbands.. and there you go.

People ask me all the time.. how I started... this is how. I email everyone. My first press piece was Skirt Magazine here in Charlotte. I emailed the editor.. and three days later was doing a photo shoot. Some people have told me you can not build a company just by email. I don't know about that... emails have worked so far. I never cold call. Ever. I feel like if someone is interested after readng my email.. the phone call will happen.

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onehotpotato said...

great story. you are a very resourceful person as well so that is another reason why you've been able to see success with your business. i hope you gets lots of sales.