Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rip Off Artist.

I had a post here about a lady who I found out was using my name and selling products similair to mine. If you read it.. then you know what I am talking about.

This lady and I have talked via email a few times now.. and her response has been very nice.. and extremely humble.

Everytime I "tell it like it is" to someone I feel just horrible about it. It is not that I am a pushover.. really I am not.. I have some fire in me.. It is just that I no longer see the need in my life to have lots of anger toward someone.. and even if they are lacking in the honesty department.. it is still very hard. I truly believe what comes around goes around. And I am not perfect either.. not saying this.. It is just incredibly hard to be heavy handed... and evaluating when a circumstance comes up what direction it should be dealt with.

So I am replacing this post with this follow up.. that as of right now I have made nice. The resolution that needed to happen.. happened.


sarah said...

You go Jen! I love that note. I can't believe how often you have to deal with this stuff! I think your company is great and no one compares. I often check out Ebay, but have not seen your company name. I might type it in to see what happens!

jennifer m. said...

hi sarah.

you have to know the sellers name to see the listing. thankfully nothing comes up when you place list my company's name.

i go the package on friday.. i will process the orders tomorrow.. and all of it ok.. an just let me know what you want for your order..


STL Sarah said...

That SUCKS! Your letter was very well-written though. Best of luck with this- it's nice to have a hubby that can lay down the law.

Libby said...

Well done, Jennifer! It's a great talent to be able to resolve these sorts of things AND stand up for yourself at the same time.

J said...

You did what had to be done. I'm so glad it was resolved without too much trouble.