Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Real Mom Tag

So I was tagged by my friend up North. Her trenches are quite funny.. so if you ever have time to read a funny mom blog... go visit her.
Here is my "REAL MOMS" tag

Real moms can make dinner, do dishes, bring the clean clothes upstairs, get out pjs, get the tub ready, put toothpaste on the tooth brushes, find matching socks, undress the kids, bathe them, dress them, blow dry their hair, brush teeth, read to them, and tuck them in bed all in one hour.

Real moms can pack lunches, make breakfast, start laundry, wake up children, feed children, get clothes out for children, do homework, clean up kitchen table, help children get dressed, brush teeth of children, drink coffee, do own makeup, dress herself, set up the day for her accounts, email her reps and manufacture, pack class assignments and pack backpacks, in one hour in the morning.

Real moms know where her children's clothes are, how to translate dosages on medicine for her children, know to give vitamins on a full stomach, know the names of other mom's in their children's class, arrange play dates, buy the gifts for all the parties, schedule the parties, address the envelopes for the parties, and drop them in the mail.. all on the way home from carpool, in between the trip to the dry cleaner, and the grocery store...

Real moms think about Easter dresses in January. Plan birthday parties 2 mos in advance, and buy swimsuits at Target the day they come out in Feb.

Real moms know their children's favorite TV shows, know that child number one likes cucumbers, but child number two only likes carrots. She knows one like butter sauce on their pasta.. and one likes it plain. She knows whose sippy cup is whose.. and whose special fork is whose.. she also has no problem cleaning play dough off the floor with a baby wipe with one hand.. and putting away the whole "ART CENTER" with the other.

Real moms know where the school calendars are.

Real moms forget where the school calendars are.

Real moms rock.


ed's girl said...

Couldn't wait to see what we all had to say on our assignment from the Trench Mother! I was in Target two weeks ago buying bathing suits and white kids sandals and Ed was really wondering if that was necessary now(only a mom would know, right? it's all gone by March). Happy belated Birthday--how fun that you were in Paris!! WhooHoo!

Kerry said...

Loved this post - it's all so true! I always tell people that *I* need a wife (the post could be applied to what wives do for husbands)!

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

So true about getting so much done IN ONE HOUR. I think I have the boyz' bedtime routine whittled down now to about 45 minutes!