Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Need Opinion

This has happened two times this month. (not the recent press kit request.. that was different.. that was for a Talk Show).

This time it was a producer from a well.. production company who is interviewing possible television segments. The show will air in May on Oxygen. It will be called "Her Domain". Everything from busy sheduled moms, to stress management, to fashion.. to beauty regiments that make sense, health.. fertility.. etc.

I am a candidate.

The pitch. The segment will cost you a production fee. I want to be a candidate that will not cost me. Yes.. I know these opportunities do not exist.

I am getting it these days.. the advertisement world is changing and the invention of Tivo has seriously altered how we view commercials and all of it. So people are actually looking for "segments for sale".

I had a pitch from a guy several weeks ago and said no thank you. This one I would consider staying on the radar so to speak b/c it is Oxygen. If I told you the cost .. well you would faint. But this is how it works. No, I didn't pay In Style directly to put me in their magazine.. but I do pay a PR firm... I was chosen to be placed.. but everything is bought and sold. Everything.

There is such a need to get real talent. real stories. real issues in front of the viewing public. this costs real money I know..

I just am not bitting on this. Maybe I should. Would it land possibilities and leads to other great news worthy features.. maybe... who knows.

Have any of you heard about this?



ADN said...

Will it be worth the money? You are getting "so big" anyway just by way of internet:) Wait for the freebie..has Oprah not called you yet?

Mrs. P said...

Hmm, I don't know. When you are featured in a magazine like In Style, does it generate a lot more business for you? I know that I am the type of person that reads my mags with my internet on right next to me, so the second I see something I like I go look it up. I don't think everyone is like me though. I would worry that it would be that much harder when it is on TV, they would actually have to write your name down and then look you up. With it being such a large cost, I think my first notion is to tell you to pass. What is your PR Firm's stance?

jennifer m. said...

I do not think i will do it. Their job is to say.. "wow we love you" ... and as you say thank you.. they ask for you to pay them.

like my friend (my wise friend) said.. when people present to you things like this and then they give you the dollar figure.. and it is out of your ball park.. you just think.... "do you think i 'm stupid".. or her other mantra i have begun to repeat to myself.."buh-bye"...


I did talk to a producer of the Oprah show literally 3 mos. after I started this.. they call me back on an email I sent.. and then I never heard from them again.. :-) I will keep trying her though. Surely she will notice at some point.. right ladies.. haha..

PreppyInVT said...

I would say no. I too get "Requests for products to be featured" then at the bottom receive the price. Hello? If the products are *so great* like you say they are, wouldn't you just want your viewers to SEE them. Isn't that your JOB?

You're right though, this is becoming increasingly popular but my take is, if some people still say no it can't become the norm...

And, from my experience, being on shows such as this don't garner all that much attention... I think I'll email you the story as I don't want it in "Blog land." :)

hqm said...

I am so impressed by you and Preppy Potato! I think you should hold out for Oprah!

Southern Sugar said...

I don't think I would do it. Its a major gamble. And do we really watch Oxygen that much anyway? I don't. And its not a place I think to look for things I would love to wear. I say pass on this one.

SLC said...

Have you thought of sending a monogrammed belt (sample) to Oprah? Maybe it could be her next "favorite thing".

teaorwine said...

I vote for a pass. I am always hesitant to respond to offers that are unsolicited by me and have huge payoffs to the one who is making the offer. Just, my opinion.