Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yup. that's me. I have been MIA since Saturday. I wish I could tell you it has been a lovely week. :-) It has in the important ways.. as in Lilly had her first "by herself play date".. and Madison had fun at Daisy Scouts.. and both are enjoying this great weather we are having...

But I have to say.. that next week is Spring Break for myself and my youngest..and I am so looking forward to getting my "stuff" in order. I will be the first to admit that I live a full life.. and that I enjoy every part of it.. but I am also the hardest on myself. I constantly remind myself about "what I am not".. what I am not doing right... what I am not getting done... what I did not pick up at the store...all of it.. and it has been one of those weeks where I have been disappointed in myself. I know I will shake it off.. I always do.. but I tell you ladies..

I even bought some organization tools (again) last night to keep me "cleaner" in my elected areas of work. Little carry cases made out of like a canvas cloth.. and I am having things like: "new accounts" and "needs to pay"... and "cost of business" monogramed on them.

I am not a complainer.. even my dearest friend told me yesterday that even though I am busy .. I do not unload my stress on her or anyone.. that I am peaceful. :-) I do have an inner core of peace... but the outer shell is cracked up.. (hahaha).

Oh.. and my hair is in serious need of a color and cut.

I know my flaws.. and they are glaring at me. I need to get a good dose of rest I guess.


Part of me wants to erase this post. But I told myself when I started.. that part of the reason I am writing it is to journal my life for my girls to have when they are older... and that I needed to be honest...

so there it is.. I am human... I hate to admit it. :-)


PreppyInVT said...

I totally have those weeks too. While I don't "know" you, I know your blog "you" and I would recommend thinking about all of the things that you DO get done in 24 hours...I have a feeling that list will FAR OUTWEIGH the list that didn't get done. :)

Meg said...

It's very easy as a woman, I think, to let yourself be dragged in so many directions...and then watch as the lines get tangled up in your wake. Our strength can be our weakness. But, it happens to us all, and hitting the "reset" button, whether it's with new organizational tools, or a new outlook, or heck, a night of 10 hours of sleep, always seems to help. Good luck, and keep on truckin', Jen. We're pulling for you!

STL Sarah said...

Honestly, Jen, I always am so amazed by you when I read your blog. You seem to have everything together, and you have such a sweet family. I'm hard on myself too, sometimes. It's just a part of life, right? And I'm sure your girls will treasure this "journal" later on.

jennifer m. said...

preppy in vt. Love the idea of making the two lists..

meg. It is in our job description as "women" to do it all... I need to sit back and prioritize.. or at least de-clutter.

stl sarah. thank you. for being so sweet.

SBCVandy said...

There's a phrase my mama has that has been very useful to me in grad school and life in general. "Don't should on yourself!" Irreverent and insightful just like my mama. You seem like you have so much on your plate with work and the potato stuff and children. Take the time to be nice to yourself.