Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank You, Sarah.

A big thank you to Sarah for hosting a preppy potato trunk show two nights ago.. and doing it while being sick... what a super trooper.. had i known.. girl.. goodness.

Anyway.. it is easy to host your own trunk show:

1. we send you the product (cash and carry) AND (special order examples)
2. we send you the "how to" info.
3. we send you the postcards to mail to your friends.
4. we give you our UPS # to box up everything and ship back to us.
5. you sell product.. and take orders.
6. you earn $40 of "preppy cash" for every $200.00 you sell.

Spring Trunk Shows are being booked now.. Let me know if you are interested.

1 comment:

sarah said...

You are so welcome. I really enjoyed doing it. I had a great time and luckily the advil kept me feeling well during the party! Everyone loves the belts they bought!