Friday, February 02, 2007

A Million Things I Want to Say.

Do you ever feel this way? I do.

I just had a conversation with my twin sister. She had this post on her blog today that reached into my soul. Please visit over there if you get a chance. It was amazing. Her last line struck me so deep that I had to call her on it.

She read a blog today that posted another blog. (I love the internet.. for all the "bad things" it is noted for .. the reverse is also true.)

The line she wrote was how we are not "islands" we are all connected.. and how true it is. I have frequent visitors to this site.. and although most of what I post is light-hearted.. I think every now and again we need to see the world through the eyes of people with "real sorrow". It makes us humble. It is what keeps us healthy in a way to view someone's trials.. and to see our "stupid trials" as exactly that.


On the other hand.. our conversation was very "fired up". Not in a bad way. In a good way. We got side-tracked onto our "purpose". Deep ladies. Deep.


It was a light bulb moment for me. B/c many times I view my passions to create and my passion to teach as polar opposite. I swear nothing in your brains and in your blood is "opposite". I need to create a curriculum. Get ready in a sense to spread my message. I teach. I run my company. My design class has fused this into one. And now I have some direction. It has always been there. This connection. This time I am going to plow ahead.

I need a classroom. A studio. I need to create. I need to teach girls to create. I need to find an intelligent way to communicate to administrations that this is important. A place for these girls to put their interests into high gear and start on the right path. The path that they were created to take.


In one year. That is my goal. One year I will have written a curriculum.. Talked to publishers. Talked to educators. This year. In 2007 I will communicate to everyone the importance of design in a young girl's life. I will create something.. and convince someone to take a chance with this course. I want it all over the country. I want a place in the schools where a girl can come in and be surrounded with possibility.


I may be all over the map in my head right now. But not in my soul. Ladies.. (are there any men other than the Preppy Guy who reads this).. I don't think so... this "island" comment my sister made. Got me. We are all connected. So if you know a publisher.. know a headmaster.. know a creative teacher.. know anyone who buys into the fact that there are untapped, bored students who have been told Math and Science = successes.. and wants to give me their ear. This is the place. We in the education "world" talk a big talk about the left and right side of the brain.. and then do nothing to give the creative side a voice. Nothing to say.. "You can totally make a living doing this..".. not only a living "You can customize this to fit your future family."


Do you hear me on this? This is what I was designed to do. I was created to create. I was created to inspire. I was created with enough guts and determination to go for it. Maybe I am stupid to think I can do it. I do not think so.


I start tomorrow on my path.


I promise you I will succeed.


Melissa said...

Jen - GO FOR IT! I think its brilliant. I can't tell you how much I wish that I had someone to expose me to the type of opportunities you are talking about when I was younger. I was one of those you are referring to that was made to feel that "math and science" were the only opportunities worth pursuing. Young girls need to see examples of successful women doing interesting work like you do. I know that I really don't know you, but I can tell your passion for what you do from reading your blog and if anyone can do this, I feel sure it is you.

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I just love that we're all "connected" through this blogging....I already commented to Beth that her blog made me cry tonight. I'm so glad we can all make each other think, expand, and appreciate...

jennifer m. said...


i hear you. there are no accidents. you married my brother's best friend from highschool. you worked with one of my best friends from college. what are the chances. seriously. some people will not get this tonight. you get it. beth gets it.. i get it.

there are no accidents. we are not islands. i didn't even know you had a blog until like 4 mos. ago. this is the connection. this is the life we live. you saw something in the words of this man.. my sister translated it for me in one final word at the end of her blog.. and now i see where i need to go in my two "worlds".. they are not two worlds.. it has always lead to this.

i love. it.

Mrs. P said...

I really think if there had been something like this when I was younger I wouldn't be so lost now. I am in utter awe of you right now, to have so much clarity much be amazing. Best of luck with everything.

HOOKEM said...

Jen, God has created each of us unique, for the soul purpose that we can worship him uniquely. He is no doubt joyful when we worship Him in song and prayer, but I believe He receives the greatest joy when we have discovered that one thing that sets us apart and we embrace it in His honor. Therein leys intimate worship and great joy. In all you do, do with a heart of worship because it brings your Heavenly father great joy.

sisters with style said...

I wish you were at my childrens school. In fact art isn't even a possibility until 2nd grade and even then it is so lacking. They stess the test and that is all. I feel my children are pretty creative so the only thing for them is camps and extra classes. Bravo to you and all you stand for.

Dionna said...

I think it's great to have a vision that gets you so excited you can hardly sit still.
I have a 7 yr old daughter who LOVES to create. It's inside of her and she gets an idea and can't do anything else until she completes it.
I think creativity makes us feel alive.


Shell in the City said...

I think it is wonderful (blogging) and wish that more people will tap into the power of it (not just observe). You know who you are!!

Shell in the City said...

I think it is wonderful (blogging) and wish that more people will tap into the power of it (not just observe). You know who you are!!

Southern Sugar said...

i "get it" too jen. thanks for sharing. and thank you for your vision and drive. i too wish there had been a curriculum like that for me. if i knew how to do what i want to do, i would have done it long ago. so many of us just need the knowledge to get started and don't know where to look. how wonderful to help kids tap into their god given talents and abilities instead of having them push that to the back of their mind while they are taught that its not important or that its just for fun. each of us truly has a gift that is ours alone to share with the world to better the world and one child at a time is the best way to do it, i believe. you go girl! i love that you shared this!

PI Jill said...

Love it. LOVE IT.