Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lobster Memo.

I know I have posted this picture before.. and I am actually getting ready to photograph more (losts) more lobster as options online..

But I think someone else got the "lobster memo"

preppy potato spring 2007

kate spade spring 2007

and no we did not consult each other on this.. :-)


ps.. jacket in "market photos" J. CREW. i think last season or so..


misspriss said...

The lobster belt is sure to get some big time press along with miss big time ks. Best of luck to ya!

Kerry said...

love love love the lobsters... do you ever do anything with crabs? being from Maryland... I'd love that!

jennifer m. said...

i wouls have to check.. but i think we have a little crab...

jennifer m. said...

would.. i can spell.

Elizabeth H. said...

So cute. Get your little girls lobster smocked dresses to complete the look.