Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's A Snow Day. Yah!

So it does sometimes snow in North Carolina. It's a record snowfall on this day. Feb 1st. Back in 1972 on this day.. we had a "trace"... a dusting. Today we have a whopping 2-3 inches. Everything is CLOSED. :-) Although I am just reporting what the news said b/c I was not alive in 1972. :-)

So you can imagine the NEWS in an area. Live for 5 hours. School is cancelled so was looking forward to watching the TODAY show.. but I get to watch the local news.. story after story with news people posed on bridges.. showing us what "slag" is in their hands.. live reports from the scene.

Below are some shots from this morning. The last time it snowed here my youngest was approx 15 mos. old. She will be 5 at the end of March.

The girls outside in their only "winter coats" they own. No mittens (have them.. cannot find them). They were ready as soon as they woke up to go play!!!

A view this morning from my back porch.


Sue said...

How exciting! We had two snow days (back to back) earlier in Jan. it was the best two days, enjoy!

sarah said...

Jen - You will have to check out my blog this morning. We too, had a snow day. Snow isn't as uncommon for us as it is for you (I saw your weather on the National News), but I'm pretty excited! We only got about 1 inch and are expecting another I think. I don't think I will get out and play in it, but I enjoy looking at it!

J said...

Lucky you! I'm jealous, it's barely snowed up here at all...not that 2-3 inches would be enough for a snow day, but it would at least cover the yucky brown grass.

Meg said...

How fun! The girls must have loved going out there. I love the pictures from your part of the world. So many trees!

Elizabeth H. said...

Fun! We had a snow day in January.

sisters with style said...

We were suppossed to get snow today however, the weather changes on a dime here. My kids are so upset they so wanted to go sledding.