Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jake. You are So Cool.

My sister got this the other day from her husband. How cute is this? Go to her blog (she is on my links) and she gives the "where to get info".

Oh.. and Beth, in true twin competition spirit.. my husband brought home new shoes for me.. :-) called me from the store and said... heels or flats? I think he was leaning toward heels.. but wouldn't you know I said flats. he picked out these:

-cole hann driving loafers.


love me some good husbands.


Lisagh said...

Both are very impressive gifties. So cheers to the hubbies. But the pink tool set... yum!

STL Sarah said...

Love the driving mocs... How ever did you train him to buy you shoes?! Do share your secret!

J said...

Your husband has great taste! I'm with Sarah...I think I need a husband that buys me shoes :)

Anonymous said...

That tool kit is so freaking cute! i have a similar one, but that one is nicer (the little pink bag!)

jennifer m. said...


when we were dating.. he lived about 3 hours away from me for some time.. and i would come home from a long day of teaching and there would be BOXES of presents.. random.. no reason.. like three or four complete outfits.

the boy was good. real good.

now the extras go mostly to the girls.. but every now and again.. i score.. :-0

i could go on.. like one Christmas i ended up getting 6 pairs of shoes.. haha..

anywho.. he has good taste.


i tell my girl students to marry smart. marry for love.. yes.. but marry smart too...