Sunday, December 17, 2006


My girls. What can I say? .. they are early risers. It is approx. 5:40 am or so when my oldest wakes up. So as you can imagine they are sleepy heads by 8 pm..

Normally we do get them into bed before 8 pm.. but it isn't like they can not handle staying awake past nine.

Tonight, however, they were sooo tired. So tired.. they fell asleep in the car on the way home from dinner. We tried to keep them up to see the "lights" .. but it took but a mere 3 minutes or so of the engine sounds and they were in Neverland.

What is it about the noise of a car to put a child to bed? Works like a charm in most cases.

My husband gave me the dreaded... "we have to wake them look".. as we neared our house.. b/c you see.. a "breakdown" is going to happen.. b/c we have to wake them up.. take off their coats, and shoes.. take their dresses and tights off.. somehow manage to brush teeth and put on potty.. find socks for bed.. and put the PJ's on .. all the while as they are crying... and pretty much laying on the floor..

I know what some are thinking: throw them into bed dresses and all....just can not do that.. we have to have jammies on and clean teeth.. we just do.

Poor souls. I know how it feels to be that tired..

Maybe they will sleep in till 6 am. Miracles could happen.

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Elizabeth H. said...

I am all with you on jammies and clean teeth!