Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back from Disney

Did I not tell you? Yes, we went to Disney. More later.. promise to post a photo or two... but we are home now.. the girls had a great time.... we had car issues in Columbia on the way down.. and actually were delayed about 7 hours at the dealership.. which resulted in getting a rental.. and heading down.. managing to pull into the hotel around midnight. (an 8.5 hour trip... now 15 or so).... I do not do well with these kind of detours.. but all is well.. and we picked up my car on the way back.. new water pump now working...

We are Disney professionals. We are up everyday at 5:30 AM. We are on the bus to Disney at 6:30. We are at the park an hour before it is "open to the public". And we have the rides in by 9:30... before the holiday crowd wanders in. By noon or before we are already at the second park of the day. The girls are "early risers" so the early morning gig is easier on the family.. bed and asleep by 8:30 at night...

Came home to a slew of emails.. and I can not even tell you about the laundry issue.. but I left the house clean before we left with all clean sheets on the beds.. so it is nice to come home to my peaceful little house.

Happy New Year..


Happy Birthday, Dad.

Glad to be Home.

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onehotpotato said...

i love the new background choice--so appropro!