Thursday, December 14, 2006

All in the Name

When we started we got our name copywrited. I thought it was important.

My question is: So if there is a lawyer out there that reads this.. I would love any advice.

There are several people online who for whatever reason have identified themselves as preppypotato. If it is the "sign in" for a forum they are on... or whatever.. I am sick of it. I just did a google of our name.. as I do sometimes.. and some person in the UK is using it.. and it is attached to a YouTube video.. someone who has commented on something there.. goes by ... you guessed it.. preppypotato.

The problem is.. even if we went after it.. it is on the web. Anytime you do a search... these people come up.

I think this is wrong.


I tried to get it removed off of a car forum .. and was told that unless they are taking your idea or products and making it seem as if it is theirs.. there is nothing I can do. Then why copywrite anything?


suburban prep said...

I asked one of my brothers (who is a lawyer) he stated that it varies state to state and even it might be different for the internet. But that he doesn't know for sure because his specialty is not in that area. Best bet go to a patent lawyer.

Shell in the City said...

Phil Summa is a known patent attorney in Charlotte. I used to know him from Christ Covenant. You may want to contact his office.

jilly said...

I am afraid you may be stuck with it to tell you the truth. The reason why you copyrighted your name was to protect your ideas as well. If someone was out there on the internet trying to pose as you with the same products and ideas, spelling it the same way then you may have a case, but did I also mention it would be easier if they lived in the same state and country. If they are outside of the US then forget. Have you ever seen the "Target" in Australia. Absolutely NO affiliation to Target at all whatsoever, but their websites look nearly identical. The good thing about doing this is it protects your ideas and your mind!!!!