Saturday, November 04, 2006

When you get it Right.

When you get something "right". it is great. When you get something "Wrong" it just is horrible. And even if it technically is not your fault on the "Wrong" thing. It still stinks.

I have issues with this one account. Everything from the initial order to the special logos.. to juggling 3 manufactures.. so that everything coordinates nicely.. has just gone to pot.

I never even really got a "logo".. we had to sort of create it off a shopping bag. So the proof went out.. but there was no initial Purchase Order #.. so I waited and waited.. knowing I would have to be put on the "calendar" at one of my manufactures facilities.. and given all that I now had to coordintate another manufacture on other bags and items.

On top of that.. I waived the normal "minimums" for this run and had to eat the other bags made because well.. I think/thought this account was great and could open the doors to bigger and better things here.

And... they wanted a thread color that I knew and told them would not work.. well... we ran the bags anyway with the thread color.. and they all shipped here.. and well.. the color on the bag's logo.. guess what..looks like @#$@#$^$&^##!!!!!

So even though it was supposed to ship last week we are re-doing it b/c I would rather be late on an order than my product to go on over to this place looking like crap.

Lessons Learned.

1. minimus are going to be required.. enforced.. no exceptions.

2. logos will require a jpeg. no exceptions.

3. stick to my little guns on the design and color scheme issues I may have.

4. be firm and polite as always. but speak up. I need to communicate better.

5. these kind of accounts.. the "good" ones.. well they are not all that it is cracked up to be.. these guys.. well they get what they want when they want it.. and it is your fault that it is not coated in gold. And delivered to them yesterday.

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