Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Put Your Feet Up

My husband walked by my little "make shift desk" .. aka the kitchen counter. He says.. "Why do you stand up all the time? Wouldn't you be more comfortable if you sat down and worked?"

You see, it never even dawned on me that I stood and worked all day.

Never mind I have a nice studio upstairs to work in. What is wrong with me?


ps.. very sick here. lots of germs.


pss.. If you have contacted me about the HOLIDAY CARD SWAP.. and I have not responded back to you.. I have pulled your address.. and I will email you my address the strange event.. I miss emailing you back.. I have a work address listed online at my website.. please send your HOLIDAY CARDS there.


psss...MARIE CLAIRE magazine was sent approx. 7 pastel headbands from the new Spring 2007 lineup... cross the fingers please.

1 comment:

onehotpotato said...

funny--i find myself standing up to do "computer" stuff too--maybe it's a twin thing.