Monday, October 30, 2006


I have a few obsessions. I love coffee. I love fabrics and textiles.. but another obsession is football. I know.

On Sundays.. I need to watch it.. whether or not my team playing is beside the point. It makes me feel at home.. when a football game is on. I watched football with my dad for years. I know all the rules. It reminds me of family.. of good food.. of warm clothes.. and cool air.

I was obsessed with football yesterday. The Panthers played last night (not well I might add).. but the games of the day, as always, started at 1 pm.. and the pre-shows started an hour before.


Happy Monday.

(weird how it is light out right now.. and it is only 7 am...)

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suburban prep said...

Went to Notre Dame. Love Football. Grew up in Chicagoland. Live in Chicagoland. Love football.