Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Help Wanted.

I just want to throw this out there.

I need a logo. If there is anyone who reads this silly blog.. and is a whiz at this type of thing... even a student who is studying graphic design and needs a "project" please contact me at:


things I do not want.

1. a potato wearing a polo
2. anything with a potato
3. whimsical... NO

.. this may make some of you chuckle that I mention this.. but you would be surprised with the "good ideas" I have been told.

things I am looking for.

1. a simple classic design.. some sort of icon (did I say simple)
2. I like feminine
3. off color combinations.. am not limited to pink and green

I need to wrap all my ideas and my identity into this logo.. so there is NO PRESSURE.



J said...

What about using one of your belt buckles as the inspiration for your logo? It could be an oval, with a pretty print as a background and an icon of some sort over it.

Mrs. P said...

I love the new look!!

Chloe said...

I'm not the best at computer graphics, but I'll email you what I came up with!

jennifer m. said...

keep the ideas coming. i like the belt buckle idea... but i am stumped as to what my "icon" should be.. but I think i should have one.. you know.

chloe.. you are soooo sweet. any help would be appreciated.

Jessica Nell said...

I'd also be happy to make you a logo, I'm not a design major but I have taken several college classes in it - the birth of my blog was actually a class assignment (now the class is over and I'm still addicted.)

Melissa said...

Jen, I think the belt buckle idea is a good one. What about a houndstooth background (brown maybe?) and then get someone to design you a cool "PP" logo like a monogram to put on it (maybe in pink). A fleur de lis might be good for the icon.