Thursday, September 14, 2006

Word. .. to you Soul Sister.

The written word. The spoken word. I do not know why but today.. 3 random compliments.. well maybe not random.. but really unexpected.

My sister told me that I was doing a great job raising my girls.. I mean she really told me some nice things for like 15 minutes. It made me feel good..

One of my students told me that because of me she was really looking at her "options" after high school differently. That she thought she knew what direction college would take her.. but now she said she sees possibilities she never thought existed.

And lastly.. I my dearest friend says sweet things about me on her blog this afternoon. We are like two peas in a pod. We taught together many many years ago.. She will tell the story differently.. (how I was tooo cool for her.. blah blah..)... then as luck would have it.. we were neighbors for several years. She is without a doubt one of the most genuine girls I know.. and you know.. I would rather have one friend like her than 10 "friends" I don't "get". B/c we get each other. (10 years.. "C.B.".. I can not believe that). Very blessed to have you in my life.

Got to love a little "love" every now and again.


Ok.. I hired a house cleaner. Every other Thursday afternoon.. yup. I did it. Today she came over to meet me.. and I said.. Do you have any time now?.. and sure enough the floors are shinny.. the furniture was moved (not cleaned around).. every inch of my downstairs is spotless.. Next time she will sproooce up the upstairs (deep clean) and then we will be on the schedule of top and bottom.. or we will do "projects" like.. clean the blinds and all that lovely stuff.

I am in hog heaven right now..


Nothing else. except sending orders out. I set a goal for myself in sales each week.. and for the last 4 weeks things have evenly come in.. and we have passed the goal each week. I pray it continues. :-) I mean I really do pray for continued success.


Kids are fed and they are clean as little whistles. Off to bed for them in approx. 15 minutes and counting.. down to lovely sleep.

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