Monday, September 18, 2006

Site Update

At my "other site" we have started updating some things. First, we have placed some of our Newport Collection online. We will also be adding to our NEW Passport Collection.. which will feature some bag designs. I also will add a headband page here shortly as well.

We also have the Studio 7602 page up and running and this is where you can "design your own" belt. Pick your buckle, fabric, width, length.. and if you want a monogram. There are different price points.. so something for "almost" anyone.

We also added an "In the Loop" page way down on the bottom of the tabs.. this is where we will update subscribers with news about what is going on at Preppy Potato. . We will also be able sending out email coupons from time to time that will be worth while.

That is it for that.


The EMG said...

OK I am DENSE! It took me till today to realize your the Preppy Potato lady!
Apparently all the blonde coloring I use is seeping in!!!

j said...

The headbands look great! I can't wait to see the bags.