Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Pitch.

Ok.. so two days ago I had a super large order online. Every year since I started preppy potato.. I get at least one .. what I would call.."You spent that on belts?" kind of order. Normally our orders range from 2-3 belts per order on our retail site... but never 15-20 or so. Those are what we call..wholesale.

So I called this person to verify.. and come to find out.. he works at a corporate office and wanted to pitch the designs for one of the stores under their "umbrella" ..actually 87 stores. So desings were made.. and we sent a package to him last night.. and it is being pitched today sometime.

#1. I love the idea that they were willing to purchase the samples. Which is a novel concept.. believe me.

#2. And two.. he sent me his FedEX # so I could ship the package overnight to him.

So we should see. It may not be a "sale".. but I love those random things that come through the pipeline. Makes me hope in the idea.. that someone is paying attention to what I do here.



Susan said...

You have a fabulous product and I am sure they'll be super-impressed!Good luck, fingers crossed!

Bistre Maven said...

Hey Jennifer, gosh I feel like I know you now and we're buddies. Anyway wat to go on the "press and buzz" very kool-aid!

Gotta ask how you get the word out about your belts. I know you've got reps but how did you get to that step? Although I've only been on the books since 2006 (officially) with my jewelry, I've got high hopes for it in the next 5 years* We're goin' International Baby* =)