Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Like Teacher. Like Student

Many of you know I teach design. I actually have 3 classes of design this year.. and so far I am loving my groups. The classes are for "girls only".. and we touch on topics that range from marketing, to advertising, to colors and trend, to jewelry design.. last year some dressed store windows, created floor plans..ect..

Their first assignment (one of the classes) was to create a "design blog". A creative place where they keep personal information away.. but they show a side to me that expresses what inspires them. They can post anything related to the world of art and design basically.

Below is a link to their work. Ignore the spelling errors / imperfections..etc.. these are minors after all.. so I am not here to critique but rather to be "informed". I think you will be impresses with what they "pulled" off.

1. Student A

2. Student B

3. Student C

4. Student D

5. Student E

6. Student F

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