Monday, August 28, 2006

O Magazine came to town.

If you have been reading my blog for a bit.. you will know that I do a few things I call "work". One of which is that I teach 16 classes a week.

It is hard to describe the school I teach at.. except to say it is a "University Model School". The nuts and bolts of it is.. is that it caters to "home-school" students.. as well as parents and students who seek out a non traditional type education. Some of my students have traveled in broadway shows... some of them train for a competiive sport 6-8 hours a day.. ok.. you get the point.. so there is a mix.

Last year I taught a group of boys who were adopted from Liberia (Liberian Boys Choir). In all.. one family has adopted 6 boys from Liberia.. plus from time to time they take in foster children from the surrounding communities. Throughout my classes(last year) I taught 5 children who represented this family.

.. like these boys in my class.. literally were submerged into "Western Civ.".. the very next day they arrived to the States..they were sitting in my Grammar class. They speak English.. but with such a heavy dialect.. I still have a hard time understanding them.

They went to school in Liberia.. but all of these children lost their moms and dads to either violence or Aids. Some still have a certain "look" in their eyes that is hard to is said.. but there is incredible hope in these stories.

I say all this b/c these families who have adopted these children from Liberia were honored yesterday by O Magazine. O Magazine hosted a photo shoot of these children, their families, and the community who supports them.. The spread will be in the December issue. I was in the "crowd" so will be in the 2 page spread of the photo...unless the girl who was jumping up in front of me..blocks me out. :-)

They are also featuring the individual families, and I outfitted six or so women and girls with belts for the photos. (it is not everyday O Magazine comes to town.. and it is not everyday that you know the people/families that are being featured :-)

It has been a blessing for me to see these families... this one in particular.. open their home for these Liberian children. I can not help but be moved by the legacy they are leaving, and the impact they have made in so many lives.


Monogram Momma said...

What an honor; i can't wait to read it!

Lisagh said...

This is amazing. Our world is so big and yet so small and you sharing this story has just made it a little smaller... makes me feel good. Thank you.

sarita said...

jen..that is interesting...we use to support a missionary at Northside from Liberia W. Africa for years...Grey knows who he is JT Lyons...and I do believe now his son is there as well as Abernathys that Grey knows...the world is small....

O has ability to give to this big time....

Ksk said...

What a wonderful career you have! I am getting a masters in special education (I am 45) - I love love to hear stories like yours!