Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Know I am Missing Something

I have scooted here and there around the shopping blogs and independent designer blogs... and the graphic artist blogs.. and many of them are posting this pin(shown above) as a great buy. It is from the new line at Target, Paul + Joe. And truth be told I love Target.. and love the idea of great designers (Rachel Ashwell's "Simply Shabby Chic").. I think it is marketing genius. However, Am I missing something here? Did I not get the "this is cool memo" on the owl thing? My weird Great Aunt had a thing for owls.. and I just find the whole owl trend dumb.

I have never related with the "independent designerer" thing either. I am an independent designer.. I do not work for a large company.. I am self employed... all this is true.. but the independent designer vibe is kind of not me. If you look around at these artsy folk.. it is just that.. crafty. I could have it all wrong.. I probably do.. and some of these folks are super, super talented.. I just have never related to them.. and the owl facination is just the recent observation.

Now turtles.. turtles I understand.


ADP said...

I don't understand that pin either. I do however like owls, only because it was my college's mascot though!

thepreppyprincess said...

I don't get the owl at all. Not very cute but then neither is an alligator!