Friday, August 25, 2006


We have created a line of headbands. We will post pictures online shortly. I spent the good part of the morning yesterday sending special invitations to people who have purchased online this year. We had a great response to our In Style placement, which has increased our customer base.

Sooo it took me a while b/c I had yet to find the time to enter these people into the system.. so I thought while I was at it..might as well send these folks a "special offer". But it looks like SPAM or something else has blocked my cute little envelope and fantastic little "announcement" all pretty on email-floral paper.. to ohhh..pretty much everyone.

We basically have two widths... which in and out of it.. is pretty much a "theme" of mine. I am all about options. So we have a 1.5 inch width headband and a 2 inch headband. Offered in all of our available fabrics.

So b/c all my hard work went un-noticed in cyber space.. I will offer it to you.. my blog readers.

drum roll please...

Buy two belts (any..even sale items).. receive a new headband for FREE. In your choice of fabric. Contact us if you are interested.


Also.. more studio news. The Newport Collection is still not online.. However, the STUDIO 7602 is now up and running.. This is where you can design your own belt.. pick the fabrics, buckles, and size, and style.. Check it out if you get a chance to swing by the site.


I think that is all for the self promotion. Have a great day.

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j said...

I got your very cute special offer! I told myself I was going to go on a shopping hiatus until October, but I might not be able to resist!