Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Eve of the Trip

Every year we head up North to the promised land (haha).. aka.. Maine. As a child I vacationed in Maine. Had the best memories in Maine. We would stay there sometimes all summer long.

Anyway tomorrow night we pile into the car and head up.. We drive at night b/c the kids are well.. low maintenance then.. and they pretty much sleep the whole way minus a few fluttering eyes when we pull into to re-fill the gas tank. So far they have loved the adventure.. the movie goes in.. they have their PJ's on.. they eat their snacks.. mom drugs them.. :-)

I love this trip. My brother and his family, my sister and hers.. my gang.. and my parents.. all of us.. for one week. This is the week we see each other. For this I am very excited especially b/c my brother has a "new" baby and my sister has a "new" baby.. and I can not wait to be introduced to them ..and claim my title as "favorite aunt".

I just talked to my sister, who flew in today.. they just got off the plane and were headed in.. All year I wait for this week. It is a slice of my childhood that I can give my girls. This is a bit of me.

Oh.. and did I mention we sleep all week in a little tent.

Yes. it is true.

So adios my blog visitors.. talk to you in a week.

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sarita said...

have fun jen....think of us down south sweltering in the heat when you have cool nights to sleep in...

keep the girls safe