Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Selecting Fabrics for Spring 2007

I have selected 8 new fabrics for Spring 2007. I need to select approx. 8 more to round out my new line. My inspiration came directly from wallpaper. Modern graphics, yet timeline designs. I think an all-over wallpaper design is fantastic in a home. My own master bathroom has blue and white wallpaper with the same pattern on the cutains.

These new fabrics have a Scandinavian feel..and sort of a Key West feel. The desings have already gone to my manufacture. I need to photograph them.. and create a line sheet for my PR company by Sept. 1st. My goal is to take it (this new collection) to New York..b/c Atlanta is blahhh.

Scheduled events:

1. One of my Reps has an appointment only industry show this upcoming Wed. (tomorrow)

2. We also have a show in Hilton Head..same type of deal. (mid August)

3. Huge Trunk show in TX with my Rep there.

Hoping for a steady flow of sales this season. We will see. It is about getting out there. It is about setting yourself apart. It is about having the correct representation. It is about pressing forward..but you can not do that without money. I have a vision. I have an idea of what I want this to be. Sometimes my wires get crossed..and I loose my way.. I can get consumed with self doubt. I compare my success to others.. that is a trap.. someone will always be better than you no matter what..unless you are Lance Armstrong..ok

Agenda Today:

1. Laundry

2. Quickbooks

3. Edit my newly constructed Line Sheet that consumed my weekend. Sent it to a friend for comments...and she gave me some great ones.

4. Pool with my girls

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