Sunday, July 09, 2006

Off To Market I Go (Kind Of)

This is a shot of me my first venture to any Market I ever attended (circa 2004). I had a grand time..3 of my friends took the week/weekend off and came with. Lots has changed. Booth space is more dramatic.. Customer base has increased. Same girl running the show though..and that is still just me.

This week we will be at Market in Atlanta. The exact location:

July 13th- 18th 2006
Americas Mart: Gift Show
Atlanta, GA
Building 3
Floor 4
Booth 1007
*Under Liz Henry Jewelry (sharing space)

I never can personally go during July as it is such a busy month with my family. My oldest's birthday falls mid July..and Market consumes so much time. It still has consumed a lot of time..but this time around I am having a friend show my line. All info has been sent out to buyers and customers. And if you read this blog..or know someone who owns a shop..let them know where we are this year. (above Booth number)

I will post photos if and when I get them...


Other fun news:

Our new turtles have a new and improved my husband has spent the better part of the day making the perfect new space for them.. a new heat landing rocks..all of it.

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