Sunday, July 02, 2006

Kind of Vacation

We are off in the AM for a little R and R. Going to the beach with my husband's family. Looking forward to it..quite frankly. Change of venue. Have not packed...will do that tonight. Kind of organizing in my head.

I plan on working at night from my new laptop. Figured out quick books. Been playing with the idea of keeping my own books. Now that I am 6 mos. into the year.. I think it is time. It was time 6 mos. ago..but I had a lot on my plate 6 mos. ago. I have already inputed roughly 4 mos. of sales... so I am well on my way to seeing the projection for the year. Thinking about changing from an LLC to an S-Corp.

Sent off samples for Market.

Still dealing with my tote bag nightmare.

Need to write checks and mail those out.

Oh..and my uncle just ordered a slew of Cleary totes and belts..and is taking them to the "Cleary" family sake for the Lucas Collection. Problem is my manufacture is somewhat closed for the week of the I may need to break out the sewing machine tonight and whip this order together.. so they can have it by the 8th.

Found out that Golf World is doing a photo shoot in New York city for their annual "Workbook" that highlights the latest golf designs and trends. I think we are in it... as samples went to New York on Friday.


Went to the pool this afternoon with the girls. A gentlemen introduced himself as "so-and-so's" husband..I played along as if I knew who he was talking about...I swear.. 3 hours later..I realized who he was. Sometimes..I need to see the family as a whole to understand who the spouses belong to.. I should have known... His wife and I are in the same book club. Proves my point of being really bad with people's names.

I may post from time to time... My husband is all set for a week of Poker with the boys each night..and I plan on litterally working on my "stuff"..which is fine by me..b/c there really is something relaxing about taking your work out of your "work environment"..and something theraputic about getting everything organized.

Over and Audi.

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