Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back to Life

I am home. Back to reality. We had a great time. Want to thank my husband's folks for this nice break.

I have to:
1. Un-pack
2. Plan a b-day party for Wednesday (my oldest turns 6)
3. Fix the mess I left with the sorority bags..this is almost fixed..but some loose ends to tie up.
4. Get leather samples to my reps who show to Golf clubs..we are doing a "more conservative version" of our leather line for the golfers.
5. Finish the Quick Book files

fun info:
1. Teen People came out on the 30th. Check us out on page 33. (I may be page 32)..I should know this
2. Market for us starts this week Thrusday..hoping for a good show.
3. Bought some great new Pumas on vacation and a cute new Puma hat. (kelly green). Sort of look like Sporty Spice right now..but I dig them both.
4. Hubby bought the girls 2 little Turtles at the beach. They are so cute. One is named Sarah. One is named Christy..but sometimes we call her Violet.

TIIFN (THAT IS IT FOR NOW) haahhah.. I am so tired..I think that is funny.


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