Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Father's Day.

So..Dad... we all know I have failed in so many ways at telling you and mom how much I love you. Maybe this will make up for all the times I didn't say the things I should have.

I love you because:

1. You use to call me "meatball" at night before you put me to bed.
2. You are quiet and reserved. When you is my standard that something is funny.
3. You are determined.
4. You are gentle.
5. You have stayed.
6. You are patient.
7. You are hardworking.
8. You believe in me.
9. You believed in me in high college...when I moved out..and moved to the South.
10. You believed in me when I got my first job as a teacher. You listened to all my teacher horror stories.
11. You and mom believed in me this past year when NO one else did. You saved me. You helped me.
12. You did this to prove to everyone that I was worth helping.
13. You are generous.
14. You have no strings attached to anything you have ever given me.
15. You use to put my skies on for me..tuck my gloves into my jacket before we hit the slopes..when I was like 20 years old.
16. You wanted more for us then you ever had.
17. You and mom sacrificed so much to send us to private school and private college.
18. You play non stop games on the beach.
19. You never complain.
20. You have the kindest smile
21. You understand that going on vacation is less about a "fancy location" and more about your state of mind.
22. You would pick the beach in Maine over any place in the world.
23. Camping is your idea of luxury.
24. I love that my girls call you "Papa Bob".
25. We almost lost you a year and a half ago. I was at the Hoover Dam when I found out they were wheeling you into surgery..I wanted to be there..and yet I could not be. I am so grateful for our family's second chance with you. My hope and prayer is that you slow down some...but that you remember on a daily basis..that although I am not living near you and mom..that does not mean I don't feel sad on Holidays...and during those times when I know you all could use some company..but most of all..I just want you to know we love you.


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Lisagh said...

Now THAT is a list! So heartfelt and touching... thank you for sharing it with all of us.