Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It is all in the word. Just let me know. Just talk to me. Just communicate with me... Otherwise I get confused, angry, irritated..all of it.

We communicate more sometimes by what we do not say. How we walk into a room. How we roll our eyes. How we stare, smile..etc. We communicated by the choices we make.

You can sense happiness from someone, loneliness, self pity, joy..all in someone's eyes.

What are you communicating today? What do your kids "read" about you. What have you not said to your spouse..your parents?..

I am in deep thought today. I have a lot to say..but never do.

Do you know those people who never shut up? I am not one of those. I have always always been better at the written word when it comes to communicating something "heavy". I seldom confront. I seldom complain. I think I should complain more. I am just so flexible that I really do not care..I care about many things..not just silly things..so people really think I "roll with everything".

I think strength is when you can communicate what you need and it makes an impact so much so that you actually make headway with person "X"..and things start to change.

And while we are at it..let's communicate the positive..whether it is about your child's teacher..or your neighbor, friend, etc..I am so tired of listening to negative news..I wish there was a news station that reported positive news 24/7..would that be reality..I think it would..no more or less then what we get from the nightly negative news now.

ok..all done blah blah

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